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Business Essentials for Writers

Are you a writer looking to get to the next level in your career? Are you trying to make your living as a writer and struggling? What started as a few side conversations, articles and blog posts grew into a website, and eventually into Author Essentials. With the support of the writer community, I’m privileged to bring what’s been called a great reference guide whether you are looking to publish your first work, or learning how to best build your career into a business.

What you will learn… the 5 Pillars Of Business:

  • Meet all of the people and jobs in the publishing industry, how they fit together, and what you can expect.
  • Building the foundation of your business and career, including paths to publication (New York publishing, small and mid-tier presses, and self-publishing), answering the burning question, what is an author platform and how to build it, and how to develop your plan.
  • Understanding sales and marketing in the publishing industry, how and where to sell books, and developing your personal author brand. 
  • Establishing the operational side of any business from contracts and intellectual property, working with different tools and technologies (including social media), and how to design and build your website.
  • Learning how money works as an author, basic accounting, and how to monetize your work for your maximum benefit. 

Plus we are going to dive into:

  • Beating Resistance
  • Busting the Starving Artist Myth 
  • Wrestling with Imposter Syndrome
  • Dealing with Trolls
  • And so much more...

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